Veteran Literary Journal


"The Line's establishment is so timely as more and more powerful literary writing emerges from this new generation of soldier-writers. I've found it especially interesting that so much literature—from the wars we've been embroiled in for the past two decades—has been produced concurrently with those wars.

This is very different from when other writing and literature (and films and art in other media) emerged from previous wars. In other words, we weren't reading novels and poetry by Vietnam or WWII soldier-writers even as those wars raged. I'm convinced, at least by my lights, that this "phenomenon"—this prolific outpouring of writing and literature by this new breed of all-volunteer soldier-writers—constitutes an entirely new genre."

—Joseph Bathanti

Former North Carolina Poet Laureate


The Line is committed to a new generation of creative veterans, spotlighting those driven to produce contemplative, compelling, and cathartic content.

Our primary focus is to publish veteran literature, art, social commentary, and reviews; however, we will consider any material created to bridge the gap between veterans and contemporary audiences.