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Mission Statement

The Line Literary Review emerges with a new generation of veteran writers and artists, dedicated to those who are compelled to create reflective, representative, and cathartic content—even as wars continue to rage. Our primary focus is to publish diverse and inclusive content that bridges the gap between veterans and new audiences.



Jacob Thomas

Managing Editor 

Stephanie Cuepo Wobby

Art Director

Alice Yang

Digital Media Editor 

Remy Smidt

Associate Editors

Connie Chen, Devin Goldring, Camille Jacobson, Cameron Menchel, Audrey Summers

Contributing Editors 

Christian Bauman, MaxieJane Frazier

Founding Editors 

Stephanie Cuepo Wobby, Samuel Granoff, Jacob Thomas

advisory board

Matt Gallagher, Gabe Hudson, Tomasz Kowalczuk


Alex Andy Phuong, Aramis Calderon, Diane Callahan, Lee Anne Gallaway-Mitchell, Andrew Hansen Miller, Raymond Hyson, S. Kabbara, Emily Kinard, Bob Ko Shin Hanson, Sara Morris, Sam Nahins, Anna Nunan, Catherine Parnell, Amanda Rabadeux, Lawrence Reh,

Hon. Nicola Rubinow (Ret.), Brian Schaefer, Keira Schaefer, Benjamin Van Horrick, Allison Whittenberg, Natasha Yglesias, Miko Yoshida