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Mission Statement

The Line Literary Review emerges with a new generation of veteran writers and artists, dedicated to those who are compelled to create reflective, representative, and cathartic content—even as wars continue to rage. Our primary focus is to publish diverse and inclusive content that bridges the gap between veterans and new audiences.



Anthony Ashley

Managing EditorS 

Preston DeGarmo & Sam Nahins

Copy Editor 

Matthew Kimball

Art Editor

Wally Suphap

Fiction Editor 

Issa Spencer

Assistant Fiction Editors 

Emani Lesane, John Judge, Benn Jeffries


Nonfiction Editor 

Preston DeGarmo

Assistant Nonfiction Editor 

Luci Lei

Poetry Editor

Latif Ba

Founding Editors 

Stephanie Cuepo Wobby, Samuel Granoff, Jacob Thomas

advisory board

Matt Gallagher, Gabe Hudson, Tomasz Kowalczuk, Jacob Thomas, 

Stephanie Cuepo Wobby


Nicola Rubinow, Alex Schiffer, Benjamin Van Horrick, Xinle Hou, Allison Whittenburg, Aramis Calderon, Diane Callahan, Keira Schaefer, Marcus Woods, Rafiana Martines, Samantha Yadron, AG Berman, Brian Schaefer, Emily Kinard, Cari Ebel, Robert Gold 

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